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Artist: Mack Ben Widdi

Song: Hadouken Freestyle

BPM: 80

Genre: Hip-Hop

Mood: Confident

Emotion: Defiant

Label: Don't Fold Entertainment (DFE)

Hometown: Richmond, VA


Description: Don't Fold Entertainment (D.F.E.) proudly presents "Hadouken Freestyle" by Mack Ben Widdit. Prepare yourself for an explosive experience as Mack Ben Widdit unleashes his undeniable talent on this electrifying banger, serving as the first installment of the highly anticipated F.T.S.U. Series. With no time to waste, he delivers hard-hitting lyrics and captivating flows that will leave you hooked from start to finish.


Join the movement and immerse yourself in Mack Ben Widdit's unique sound and captivating energy. Stay connected with him and the entire Don't Fold Entertainment family on social media platforms, where you can access more incredible music and exciting content. For inquiries and bookings, contact Tweezy at or (804) 245-3341. To explore Mack Ben Widdit's music and updates, visit his Linktree at

Experience the force and talent of Mack Ben Widdit in "Hadouken Freestyle," and discover why he's poised to make waves in the music industry.

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