Ron Lee

Draped in the soul of Southside Richmond, emerging hip-hop sensation Ron-Lee brings an authentic narrative to the rap game. Signed under the influential banner of Don't Fold Entertainment, this young artist is poised to carve his name into the annals of hip-hop history.

Ron-Lee's moniker is more than just a name; it's a testament to his roots. Born and raised in "Southside Richmond, VA," he grew up in a one-parent household with his father facing the harsh realities of incarceration. Despite the adversity, Ron-Lee's mom, with the unwavering support of his grandparents, held down the fort. This foundation has fueled his music, creating a tapestry woven with love, struggle, and resilience.

Raised alongside three siblings, Ron-Lee draws strength from his familial bonds. The indelible mark of his father's incarceration remains a poignant memory, shaping his narrative and inspiring his artistry.

Ron-Lee's musical odyssey commenced at the tender age of 14. Fueled by the pulse of trap and the raw emotion of pain music, his sound resonates with the heartbeat of the streets.

In the sonic realm, Ron-Lee's style mirrors the duality of his experiences—melding trap beats with the heartfelt resonance of pain music. Channeling the spirit of BG, SOULJA SILM, and RICK ROSS, he weaves a musical tapestry that reflects his gritty lifestyle.

Partnering with Don't Fold Entertainment, Ron-Lee stands shoulder-to-shoulder with some of the industry's brightest talents. This partnership amplifies his journey, promising a trajectory far beyond the city limits.

Motivated by his life experiences, Ron-Lee's lyrics transcend the commonplace. His motivation? A lifestyle shaped by the hustle, a relentless drive, and unwavering loyalty.

While the world eagerly anticipates his debut, Ron-Lee has yet to release his musical creations. But as the saying goes, patience is a virtue, and the streets are buzzing with anticipation.

Not merely an artist but a multifaceted individual, Ron-Lee boasts football awards from his formative years and a commitment to sharing real-life stories through his music. The accolades may have yet to flood in, but Ron-Lee's journey is a testament to the belief that the sky is the limit and the hustle never goes unnoticed.

Message to the Universe: Ron-Lee's message is clear: "You can be whatever you want; the sky is the limit. Believe in whatever you do."

As we eagerly await the debut sounds from Ron-Lee, one thing is sure—the streets of Southside Richmond have found their voice, and his name is etched in the rhythm of the city.