• Mack Ben Widdit - Stench | Official Video

    Introducing "Stench" by Mack Ben Widdit, a rap artist hailing from Richmond, VA. Released under the label Dont Fold Ent. (DFE), this captivating track showcases Mack Ben Widdit's unique style and lyrical prowess. With hard-hitting verses and an infectious beat, "Stench" delves into the gritty realities of street life.
  • Mack Ben Widdit - Hood Rat [Official Video]

    Get ready for the ultimate rap anthem straight from Richmond, VA. Mack Ben Widdit drops "Hood Rat," a raw and unapologetic track that's bound to shake the streets. With Aye YB on the beat, the energy hits you at 152 BPM, setting the stage for an unrelenting flow and infectious rhythm. Mack Ben Widdit spits lyrics that leave no room for ambiguity.
  • EZ Longway - Picture Me Rolling

    "Picture Me Rollin" is an electrifying rap anthem that brings together the formidable talents of EZ Longway, Mack Ben Widdit, 4BABYTUBBS, and Weezy Pacino, hailing from Richmond, VA. This high-energy track, set to a pulsating beat at 81 BPM, takes listeners on an exhilarating journey through the artists' triumphs and aspirations.
  • Mack Ben Widdit, Icewear Vezzo, WTO Sco - Been Paid Remix

    Don't Fold Entertainment (DFE) presents Mack Ben Widdit's "Been Paid" Remix featuring Icewear Vezzo from Detroit and Richmond, VA's WTO Sco (We The Ones Entertainment). Mack Ben Widdit, Icewear Vezzo, and WTO Sco join forces to deliver an explosive remix that takes the original track to new heights.
  • Mack Ben Widdit | "WIN" [Video]

     Experience the unstoppable determination and confident energy of Mack Ben Widdit's latest release "WIN." This captivating hip-hop track showcases Mack's resilience and drive as he overcomes obstacles and proves his worth. Join Mack on his journey to success and feel the exhilaration of the win. Check out the official music video, stream the full album, and connect with Mack Ben Widdit for more updates.
  • 4BABYTUBBS' | "Sleep When You Die"

    Experience the relentless hustle and unwavering dedication of 4BABYTUBBS in "Sleep When You Die," an aggressive and energetic rap anthem that captures the spirit of defiance and triumph. Don't Fold Entertainment presents this unfiltered street motivation, showcasing 4BABYTUBBS' raw authenticity and captivating storytelling. Explore the journey of this rising Richmond rap artist as he breaks barriers and leaves his mark on the industry. Get ready to be immersed in a symphony of resilience, determination, and unapologetic ambition.
  • Mack Ben Widdit | "From My Block To Yo Block Vol.1"

    Experience the raw talent and authentic storytelling of Mack Ben Widdit in his highly anticipated album "From My Block To Yo Block Vol.1." Get ready for hard-hitting tracks, introspective lyrics, and infectious beats that capture the essence of urban life.
  • Mack Ben Widdit | "Hadouken Freestyle" | Music Service

    Don't Fold Entertainment (D.F.E.) proudly presents "Hadouken Freestyle" by Mack Ben Widdit. Prepare yourself for an explosive experience as Mack Ben Widdit unleashes his undeniable talent on this electrifying banger, serving as the first installment of the highly anticipated F.T.S.U. Series. With no time to waste, he delivers hard-hitting lyrics and captivating flows that will leave you hooked from start to finish.
  • Weezy Pacino - Risk For That

    Don't Fold Entertainment has a question for you. Are You Ready to take a Risk For That? Get ready to turn up with the latest single release from Richmond, Virginia, rapper/entertainer Weezy Pacino! With the production of "Cab Please" and the video directed by "TEON productions," this song will surely have you moving and grooving. 
  • Mack Ben Widdit | "Been Paid" | Music Service

    Don't Fold Entertainment (DFE) presents Mack Ben Widdit's "Been Paid." Mack Ben Widdit wastes no time getting to the point and the bag. "Been Paid" is an homage to street hustlers worldwide.. (DFE) Don't Fold Entertainment; follow the movement for music and more on social media everywhere today. Tweezy: | (804) 956-7946 | 


  • Mack Ben Widdit | "Chances" | Music Video Service

    Don't Fold Entertainment (DFE) presents Mack Ben Widdit's "Chances."Life is all about Chances, those we take and those we don't. Mack Ben Widdit wastes no time getting to the point and the bag by taking "Chances" the bigger the risk, the higher the reward.
  • EZ Longway | “Dead Wrong” | Music Service

    Richmond, VA. Don't Fold Entertainment presents EZ Longway and new single, "Dead Wrong." The Cabell produced banger is a testament to the solidity of the DFE Brand/Label. Being certified stand up guys, stamped by the streets!