Ron-Lee "Swerving Thru Dat Bottom (feat. Stunna World Hoot)" 🎥 Official Video

Dive into the raw, unvarnished essence of Richmond, Virginia, with "Swerving Thru Dat Bottom," the latest visual masterpiece from Ron-Lee featuring Stunna World Hoot. This compelling music video, brought to life under the direction of JW Films, is a gritty portrayal of street life, filmed authentically in the housing projects of Richmond. This choice of location isn’t just a backdrop; it’s the heartbeat of the narrative, echoing the song’s deep connection to the streets.

Produced by Clef Major and released under the renowned Don't Fold Entertainment label, "Swerving Thru Dat Bottom" is more than a song – it’s a vivid narrative that captures the essence of Ron-Lee and Stunna World Hoot's experiences in the unforgiving streets of their hometown. The 82 BPM track is rooted in the heart of Trap and Rap/HipHop, delivering a sound that’s as real as the life it depicts. The video showcases the raw energy and unyielding spirit of the Richmond streets, mirroring the powerful lyrics of the song. Every frame is a slice of life, portraying the reality of those who call these projects home. The authenticity of the setting enhances the storytelling, allowing viewers to feel the pulse of the city and the resilience of its people. Ron-Lee and Stunna World Hoot bring their lyrical prowess to the forefront, their words painting a vivid picture of survival, hustle, and the undiluted truth of street life. The chorus is a haunting reminder of the environment that shaped them, making "Swerving Thru Dat Bottom" not just a track to listen to, but an experience to feel. The collaboration between Ron-Lee and Stunna World Hoot is a dynamic and powerful one, each artist bringing their unique style and perspective to the track. This synergy is palpable throughout the video, as they navigate the environment that has moulded their artistry and message. JW Films' direction ensures that every moment of the video is imbued with the raw and unfiltered essence of Richmond's streets.

The visuals are a perfect complement to the gritty, hard-hitting beats and the evocative lyrics of the song, creating a music video that is not just seen but felt. "Swerving Thru Dat Bottom" is not just a showcase of musical talent; it's a testament to the power of authenticity in art. It’s an ode to the streets of Richmond, a narrative woven from the fabric of real-life experiences. For fans of true, impactful hip-hop, and for those who appreciate the art of storytelling through music, this video is an essential watch. Be part of the journey and witness the unadulterated reality of Richmond's streets through "Swerving Thru Dat Bottom." This is more than music; it’s a raw, unfiltered glimpse into a world where every beat has a story, and every lyric is a life lived. Contact Booking Info: For bookings and inquiries, please reach out to Tweezy at or call (804) 956-7946. You can also contact Ron-Lee directly at