Stunna World Hoot, Ray Vicks - Either Way

"Either Way" by Stunna World Hoot featuring Ray Vicks is a gritty and unapologetic rap track that takes us on a journey through the streets of Richmond, VA. Released under the label "Dont Fold Ent," this collaboration between Stunna World Hoot and Ray Vicks showcases their raw talent and dedication to the hustle.

The song kicks off with Hoot asserting his resolve to rise above the challenges, emphasizing his determination to make it in the game or through the streets. With a catchy and relentless hook, he repeats, "I was made to take this shit and go and blow with it," making it clear that success is the only option. The lyrics paint a vivid picture of life in the fast lane, where if it's not about rap, it's about street life and the hustle. Ray Vicks enters with a verse that exudes confidence and wisdom, preaching to the streets and flaunting his diamonds, paying homage to the late Christopher Wallace (The Notorious B.I.G.). He details how he's stepping on his haters with kindness while enjoying the finer things in life. Ray Vicks' verse is a testament to his journey, turning a quarter into a chicken and dealing with dirty money, all while maintaining his shine.


The track's mood is intense and determined, reflecting the artists' unwavering commitment to their respective paths. The lyrics exude confidence and resilience, portraying a life where success is the only option, "trap or die" mentality. "Either Way" is a hard-hitting rap track that pulls no punches, reflecting the artists' dedication to their craft and their willingness to navigate the streets of Richmond, VA, in pursuit of success. It's a song that speaks to the challenges and choices one faces in life, emphasizing the need to persevere and make it "either way." For inquiries or further information, you can contact Tweezy at or (804) 956-7946.